So Sweet x Winkin 超透氣口罩 (小童用) (15pcs)

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So Sweet by Hair Corner與Winkin聯手推出小童專用超透氣口罩!


Athletes Mask for kids made by So Sweet by Hair Corner&Winkin!

Cute design and packaging, surely your kids will love it!

100% 香港製造:

  • 高過濾度: BFE, PFE, VFE > 99%
  • 超高透氣度壓力差5 mmH2O
  • 通過ISO 10993親膚認證零毒性、零皮膚刺激性、零皮膚致敏性


  • 歐洲: CE
  • 美國: FDA (QKR)

Mask for Athletes 超透氣運動口罩:

  • Water Electret MB PP Filter 水駐極溶噴布
  • Ultra Breatheable 超透氣
  • Moisture Resistant 防潮
  • Long-lasting Static Electricity 長效靜電

3 Ply Disposable Medical Face Mask:

ISO 13485 : Medical Device Quality Management Cert.

ISO 14644-1 Class 8 : Medical Device Grade Cleanroom

ISO 10993 : Passed Biocompatibility (Skin Care) Tests

Instruction For Wearing Mask 配戴說明︰

Always COVER nose, mouth and chin   必須遮住鼻子﹑嘴巴和下巴。

Adjust nose bridge for PERFECT FIT    調整鼻樑以達到完對貼合的位置。

Avoid TOUCHING your mask at all time   任何時候請避免觸碰口罩。