THESE 陶絲沉香

陶絲沉香粉 THESE Agarwood Powder 10g

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沉香粉除了打香篆, 最好的另外一種方法就是使用電子熏香爐。因為電子熏香爐無煙火氣,還可以更好的調節溫度,可以根據不同品級的沉香粉調節最適合的溫度。好品質的沉香,通常都會有這些優點:香氣清新,爽神,聞之使人清新爽神。細聞可輔助安神定志,舒緩情緒。香味清幽淡雅,深呼吸也不覺得衝鼻。使人身心放鬆,心緒沉靜幽美。無添加任何化學劑,屬純天然自然品質
使用方法: 電香爐溫度從80度開始逐步加熱,慢慢體驗香粉在不同溫度下的香韻,理想的熏香溫度控制在80攝氏度至160攝氏度之間



In addition to making incense seals with agarwood powder, the best way is to use an electronic incense burner. Because the electronic incense burner has no smoke, it can also adjust the temperature better, and can adjust the most suitable temperature according to different grades of agarwood powder. Good-quality agarwood usually has these advantages: it has a fresh and refreshing aroma, and smelling it makes people feel refreshed and refreshed. Smelling carefully can help calm the mind and calm the mind, and relieve emotions. The fragrance is quiet and elegant, and it doesn't feel harsh when you take a deep breath. It makes people relax physically and mentally, and make their mood calm and beautiful. No chemicals are added, it is pure natural quality.

Instructions for use: Gradually heat the electric incense burner from 80 degrees Celsius, and slowly experience the fragrance of the incense powder at different temperatures. The ideal incense temperature is controlled between 80 degrees Celsius and 160 degrees Celsius.

caution: Not suitable for use by pregnant women, lactating women, and children. Information is for reference only. The actual dosage varies from person to person. Please consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner for professional.

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