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陶絲沉香線香- 品鑑裝THESE Agarwood Incense Stick - Tasting Set

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品鑑裝 (黑檀木香座盒, 香筒, 繡花錦袋, 線香30支)

注意事項: 使用線香時,先準備「線香座」及打火機或火柴,點燃頂端後,輕輕吹滅火苗,讓輕煙飄起,將線香固定在香座上,讓它慢慢燃燒。遠離通風位置,控制使用時間,可輕甩或輕搧線香,待煙味稍散再聞香,根據空間大小選擇線香長度,燃燒時間和留香效果會各有所不同。線香保存方法:密封存放在乾燥地方,避免開封使用後受濕氣影響品質味道有所改變。如存放較多可用香筒分量存放,能使線香更能保留原有香韻。

Tasting Set (Ebony Incense Holder, Tubes, Embroidered pouch, Incense Stick 30pcs)

"Thread incense" originated in the Song Dynasty. Because it can be inserted diagonally or lying on the incense stand, it is also called "lying incense". It is mainly made of raw materials such as agarwood plant components. It forms a slender line to improve the smell of the space and bring out the smell at the same time. Peaceful. Agarwood is the first of the four famous fragrances, "Agarwood, Dragon and Musk". Its fragrance can calm the mind and calm the mind. The easiest way to smell agarwood is with agarwood sticks, because there are no bamboo sticks inside that will cause carbonization and odor that will affect the fragrance.

The fragrance characteristics of agarwood: pure and refreshing fragrance, sweet and pure, fragrant but not greasy, elegant but not tacky, rich in layers. The aroma is considered to be the best in the world. The aroma is elegant and pure, fresh and lively; sweet and clear, it attracts people far and wide. It is immersed in the cool and sweet fragrance of flowers, and there is a delicate air floating in the elegance. There is no pungent smell when burning, and the aroma is mellow, quiet and very charming. When the aroma gradually comes out, calm down, relax your body and mind, and become one with the aroma, so that you can fully enjoy the wonderful fragrance brought by agarwood. The aroma emitted when burning is elegant and sweet, which can quickly bring people into a peaceful and calm state, regulate the flow of qi and blood in the human body, and unblock the body's qi. It also has a simple and unpretentious aura that is closest to nature.
When using incense sticks, first prepare the "incense holder" and a lighter or match. After lighting the top, gently blow out the flame and let the light smoke rise. Fix the incense stick on the incense holder and let it burn slowly. Keep away from ventilation, control the use time, flick or fan the incense, wait until the smoke smell dissipates, and then smell the incense. Choose the length of the incense according to the size of the space. The burning time and fragrance retention effect will be different. How to store incense sticks: Store them in a sealed and dry place to avoid changes in quality and taste due to moisture after opening and use. If you store a large amount of incense sticks, you can store them in individual incense tubes, so that the incense sticks can better retain their original fragrance.