THESE 陶絲沉香

陶絲沉香葉養生茶 THESE Agarwood Leaf Health Tea 30包

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《本草綱目》中記載沉香葉回流提取物有顯著的安神、鎮痛、促進小腸蠕動,瀉下、抗腦缺氧缺血,降糖的作用。應用於養氣 安 神、美容、便秘、高血糖及腫瘤等相關疾病有輔助治療作用。舒緩壓力、安神助眠、減肥降脂、美容養顏、增強免疫力等功效。 所以,沉香葉茶適合大多數人群飲用,每日飲用沉香葉茶,會有效改善腸道微生態,維持腸道健康。沉香葉含有豐富的沉香螺旋醇、沉香呋喃、白木香醇、芫花素等多種元素,具有顯著的鎮靜中樞神經、抗炎、鎮痛、止吐、平喘、止咳、抗癌,降血糖、降血脂、防高血壓、防三高,腦中風,通便、潤腸,行氣、消脹,護肝,補腎,胃寒、慢性腸胃炎及一般炎症等功效。可以防止動脈硬化(抗氧化)、改善血液迴圈、改善心腦血管的衰老狀態,有效舒緩哮喘及因腎虛喘咳,糾正因慢性肝病或飲酒過度造成的肝損害。

使用方法:自包裝內取出1小包,用95~100 度熱開水冲泡約3 分鐘將可以飲用,可循環冲泡直到味道轉淡
Compendium of Materia Medica" records that the reflux extract of agarwood leaves has significant sedative, analgesic, promotion of small intestinal peristalsis, diarrhea, anti-cerebral hypoxia and ischemia, and hypoglycemic effects. It can be used to nourish qi, calm the nerves, beautify, constipation, hyperglycemia, tumors and other related diseases and has an auxiliary therapeutic. It can prevent arteriosclerosis (antioxidation), improve blood circulation, improve the aging state of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, effectively relieve asthma and asthma and cough due to kidney deficiency, and correct liver damage caused by chronic liver disease or excessive drinking. Because agarwood leaves are rich in agarwood helix alcohol, agarwood furan, agarwood alcohol, genkgenin and other elements, they have significant central nervous system sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiemetic, antiasthmatic, antitussive, anticancer, and hypoglycemic properties. , lowering blood lipids, preventing high blood pressure, preventing three highs, stroke, laxative, moisturizing the intestines, promoting qi, reducing swelling, protecting the liver, tonifying the kidneys, stomach cold, chronic gastroenteritis and general inflammation, etc. 

Instructions for use: Take out 1 small packet from the package, brew it with 95~100 degree hot water for about 3 minutes and it will be ready to drink. You can brew it repeatedly until the taste becomes lighter.

caution: Not suitable for use by pregnant women, lactating women, and children. Information is for reference only. The actual dosage varies from person to person. Please consult a registered Chinese medicine practitioner for professional. Product is not registered under the Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance or the Chinese Medicine Ordinance.  Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.
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