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Hair Corner - Anti-loss Spray

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This Spray with anti-inflammatory and hair-growth modulating properties contains multiple plant extracts. With the presence of copper Tripeptide-1, hair growth is stimulated by increasing the concentration of VGEF, which is related to increasing the number of hair follicle.
此噴霧成份含有多種植物提取物,具有抗發炎和調節頭髮生長特性。當中更含有copperTripeptide-1,主要增加Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (血管內皮生長因子, 簡稱:VEGF) 的濃度來刺激頭髮的生長及毛囊的數量。


  • Stimulates hair growth 激 頭 髮 生 長
  •  Repairs and protects damaged hair with anti-inflammatory properties 具 有 抗 發 炎 特 性,修 復 和 保 護 受 損 髮 質